Masters Interview: Chas. F. Johnson

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights
American Spirit Award 2016 American Spirit Award 2016 - 
Photo by Steve Cohn
(L-R) Lee Miller, President & CEO; The Caucus Foundation Board, Tanya Hart, Co-Chair; The Caucus, Actor Rocky Carroll; NCIS, Marine Sgt. Nick Popaditch; Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Associate Dean Sheril Antonio, NYU & Associate Arts Professor, Councilmember Paul Krekorian, Second District, Dennis E. Doty; TV Producer/Former ABC TV Network Executive and Bob Papazian, co-Chair; The Caucus.
Producer Honors Award Winner Noah Hawley
Writers Honors Award Winner Lee Daniels and Danny Strong
Director Honors Award Winner David Nutter
Caucus Executive of the Year Award John Landgraf, Chief Executive Officer, FX Networks, FX Productions
Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award Norman S. Powell, Producer/Director, Caucus
Caucus Legend Award Chuck Fries, Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Fries Productions
Caucus Chair's Award Jon Cassar, Director, Producer
Caucus Distinguished Service Award Tanya Hart, Tanya Hart Communications, Inc.
2015 Caucus Gold Circle Awards: First Place Winner
Jesse Gustafson for Day 39

Second Place Winner
Alexis Korycinski for The Haircut
2015 Caucus Television and New Media Award USC for Virtual Morality

photo: David Metzler

Producer Honors Award Winner Michelle & Robert King (The Good Wife)
Writers Honors Award Winner Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black)
Director Honors Award Winner Alex Graves (Game of Thrones)
Caucus Lifetime Achievement Award Vin Di Bona, Chairman/Executive Producer Vin Di Bona Productions and Chairman, FishBowl Worldwide Media
Caucus Executive of the Year Award Steve Mosko, President, Sony Pictures Television
Caucus Chair's Award Lee Miller, President, Lee Miller Productions and Treasurer of The Caucus
Caucus Distinguished Service Award Scott Carrey, Digital Media/Technology Specialist and New Media Chair of The Caucus
The Caucus Journalism Award Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Variety
2014 Caucus Gold Circle Awards: First Place Winner
Ryan Moody, UCLA, for Obituaries

Second Place Winner
Ko-Rely Pi, Columbia University, for Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
2014 Caucus Television and New Media Award Chapman University - Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, for the TV pilot Sharp Left Turn

2014 American Spirit Award Honorees
Credit: Steve Cohn Photography
Honorees (left to right): Chuck Fries, American Spirit Award; Congressman Brad Sherman, American Spirit Award LA County
Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, American Spirit Award; Jerry Isenberg, The Caucus Legend Award;
Alan L. Gansberg, The Caucus Foundation Special Achievement in Educating New Filmmakers Award

Panel: What's Old is What's New - March 12, 2014
Front Row, left to right: Scott Carrey, Shilpi Roy, Luke Ryan. 
Back Row, left to right: Troy DeVolld, Norman Powell, Chuck Fries, Susan Johnston, Debra Kaufman, Kate McCallum, Albert Fisher
Photo by: David Metzler
Front Row, left to right: Scott Carrey, Shilpi Roy, Luke Ryan
Back Row, left to right: Troy DeVolld, Norman Powell, Chuck Fries, Susan Johnston, Debra Kaufman, Kate McCallum, Albert Fisher
Photo by: David Metzler
Convened at The Beverly Hills Hotel, existing Caucus members, new prospects, and a select group of students from Emerson College & Loyola University, were treated to an informative discussion on the topic of New Media.

Moderated by seasoned journalist, Debra Kaufman, the dialogue began with our panel defining the term "New Media" and what (if anything) differentiates it from "Traditional Media". The consensus from industry experts: Luke Ryan, Kate McCallum, Susan Johnston, Scott Carrey & Shilpi Roy; is that story and traditional development are as important as always, yet the components of engagement, personalization, and adaptability for new digital, web, mobile and social channels, need to be understood to successfully monetize content in today's digital landscape.

Congratulations to the 2013 Caucus Award Winners

2013 Caucus Honors Award Winners:
Producer: Chuck Lorre
Writer: James Duff
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter

Executive of the Year: Jeff Wachtel
Chair's Award: Arnold Shapiro
New Visions Award: Scott Ross
Lifetime Achievement: Robert A. Papazian
Distinguished Service: Sharon Arnett

Caucus Foundation Student Film Gold Circle Award Winners:
1st Place: Keola Racela, Columbia University for Above the Sea
2nd Place: Maura Kelly, Chapman University for Ode in Blood
Television Grant Award: Creative Team for Doubleblind from UCLA

Crowdfunding panel at the Beverly Hills hotel - November 12, 2013
Crowdfunding - Photo by David Metzler
  L-R: Frank Chindamo, FunLittle Movies; Keyvan Peymani, ICM; James Kaelan, Seed&Spark; Aimee Cebulski, "Kickstarter for Dummies"; Adam Chapnick, IndieGoGo; Jason Cooper, "Kickstarted"; Taylor McPartland, Co-Founder and President, FilmBreak

Panel asks "Television is Dead?" - September 24, 2013
Television is Dead? - Photo by David Metzler
L-R: Alex Ben Block, Mary McNamara, Robbie Caploe, Brian Lowry

American Spirit Award - April 30, 2013
American Spirit Award 2013 - Photo by Steve Cohen
L-R: Jerry Petry, Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Norman Powell, Teri Schwartz, Frank Price, Lionel Chetwynd, Vin Di Bona

CBS' David Poltrack Event - February 26, 2013
A new "Golden Age of Television" is predicted at the Beverly Hills Hotel event.

L-R: Sydney Vinnedge, Albert Fisher, David Poltrack, Norman Powell, Chuck Fries

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