The Caucus prides itself on its overall Events Program, which has materialized as a "go-to" program for industryites over the last 10 years. Panel Discussions, Seminars, and Awards Dinners have all been created to represent the Mission of The Caucus to "Support Excellence in Television and New Media."

Following are some of the events presented/to be presented this year:

11/15 - Annual Awards Dinner
10/16- Masters Interview: Frank Price
5/29 - American Spirit Awards
4/4 - From AR to XR and Beyond!
2/20 - Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0

12/4 - Executive Committee Meeting
11/30 - 36th Annual Awards Dinner
11/13 - Foundation Full Board of Directors Meeting
11/6 - Executive Committee Meeting
10/24 - Masters Interview: Gary Smith
10/2 - Executive Committee Meeting
9/11 - Executive Committee Meeting
8/24 - IAWTV Awards Show
8/14 - Foundation Full Board of Directors Meeting
8/7 - Executive Committee Meeting
7/10 - Executive Committee Meeting
6/5 - Executive Committee Meeting
6/21 - American Spirit Awards
5/1 - Executive Committee Meeting
5/8 - Foundation Full Board of Directors Meeting
4/3 - Executive Committee Meeting
4/4 - Sexual Harassment
2/22 - Advertising Panel

12/3 - 35th Annual Awards Dinner
10/11 - Masters Interview with Herman Rush
10/4 - IAWTV Awards
4/24 - Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 - Disability Through a Whole New Lens
3/21 - The Business of Streaming
3/13 - IAWTV Web Series Meet Up, SXSW Conference
2/27 - Women Navigating the Landscape in the New Golden Age of Television

12/1 - 34th Annual Awards Dinner
10/26 - Masters Interview: Chas. F. Johnson
8/23 - Intellectual Property Rights
6/13 - American Spirit Awards
5/17 - 4K Start to Finish
2/24 - The Future of Virtual Reality

12/8 - Annual Awards Dinner
10/15 - A Masters Seminar - Featuring Vin Di Bona
9/15 - Diversity - The Bottom Line
Caucus Foundation CharityBuzz Auction
4/8 - Power Players of Internet Video

12/11 - Annual Awards Dinner
10/22 - Masters Seminar: Kevin Bright
6/9 - Ted Sarandos interviewed by Howard Rosenberg
4/17 - Charity Buzz Auction
4/13 - American Spirit Award
  • Congressman Brad Sherman, D-CA-30
  • Michael D. Antonovich, LA County Supervisor
  • Chuck Fries, Co-Founder & President, The Caucus Foundation; CEO, Fries Productions
  • Jerry Isenberg, Executive Producer, Co-Founder & Executive VP The Caucus Foundation; Past Chair, the Caucus - Caucus Legend Award
  • Alan L. Gansberg, Dean, Columbia College Hollywood for Special Achievement in Educating New Filmmakers
3/12 - What's Old is What's New

12/1 Annual Awards Dinner
11/12 Crowdfunding: New Ways to Finance Media Projects
9/24 Television is Dead?
7/10 An Insider's Look at Visual Effects Production Tools and Techniques
5/23 Caucus Foundation online CharityBuzz Auction
4/30 American Spirit Award
  • Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Chairman/CEO, Motion Picture Association of America
  • Frank Price, Motion Picture and Television Writer, Producer and Studio Chief
  • Jerry Petry, Chair, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation
  • Teri Schwartz, Dean, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television for Special Achievement in Educating New Filmmakers
2/26 Breakfast with David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS - Beverly Hills Hotel

30th Annual Awards Dinner For 30 years The Caucus will have recognized excellence in creative and executives in Television and more recently, New Media. The evening should be a memorable one.
Masters Seminar featuring James Burrows
Interviewed by Bob Bassett, Dean, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University.
Caucus Foundation CharityBuzz Auction
Bid and support the Caucus Foundation at the CharityBuzz Auction online.
Television: Preview of the 2012/2013 Season
The panel handicapped the 2012/13 schedule in the context of the program development and pilot production for this season.
Original Scripted Story-Driven Content for New Media
Starring VUGURU
American Spirit Awards
  • Congressman Darrell E. Issa (R-CA-49)
  • Congressman Howard L. Berman (D-CA-28)
  • Bob Barker - Television Host, Philanthropist
  • Larry Auerbach - Associate Dean, USC, School of Cinematic Arts
Pirates of the Internet - Protecting the Right of Content Creators
The House created SOPA, the Senate created PIPA. Both bills in confabs with the MPAA and both bills were shelved by lobbyists from tech companies such as Wikipedia and Google among others. Our panel discussed those issues and the need for further legislation to protect the intellectual property rights of content creators and other collateral matters in the piracy lair.

• 29th Annual Awards Dinner
• Television: A Preview of 2011/2012 Season
• Social Media for Content Creators
• 2011 American Spirit Awards Dinner
• The Creative Independent and the Web

• 28th Annual Awards Dinner
• The Glass Ceiling: Women in Television
• Television: A Preview of 2010/2011
• Masters Seminar with Donald Bellisario
• Future of Television Perspective
• Programming & Monetizing for the Digital Age
• 2010 American Spirit Awards Dinner
• Hollywood, Washington & The Year to Come

• Television: Preview of 2009/10" Breakfast panel discussion at BH Hotel
• Annual Awards Dinner, Beverly Hills Hotel
• 2009 American Spirit Awards Dinner
• Reality Bytes
• 3-D TV: The Revolution Begins
• The Changing Face of the M.O.W.

• Events Archive 2004-2008


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