Vinnedge started in the business as an actor. After a few desperate years he realized he wasn’t very good. He then took a job in advertising working in what was then called “broadcasting”. Back in the early days of television ad agencies were responsible for producing programs for their clients. They would then buy the time from one of the three networks. Vinnedge started out on the Kraft account, first with “The Perry Como” show and then with “The Kraft Music Hall”. After a few years he moved onto another agency and generated specials with many stars; among them, Jackie Gleason, Barbra Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr. etc. He also created a rather unique late night series called “The Midnight Special”

In 1975 Syd started Syd Vinnedge Television (SVTV) and continued producing specials, documentaries, movies of the week, and series. One of the series he created (with Tony Scotti) was “America’s Top Ten” with Casey Kasem. In order to syndicate that show, in 1982 Vinnedge and Scotti founded a distribution company called All American Television. This company was melded into All American Communications in 1990 with Vinnedge in charge of television.

All American’s first major venture was Baywatch. This was followed by a number of syndicated action hours. All American’s success led to the acquisition of The Goodson Company and Vinnedge’s relationship with The Price Is Right.

And that has been a very good relationship!

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