As the Co-Chairs of the Caucus of Producers, Writers & Directors and the President of the Caucus Foundation, Robert Papazian, James Hirsch and Sharon Arnett are extremely saddened to announce the passing of the legendary Chuck Fries.

Chuck was the heart and soul of the Caucus for over 45 years. His leadership and dedication kept our organization moving forward and supporting the creative talents in our industry.

Twenty years ago, he was instrumental in creating the Caucus Foundation which has now given over $2 million to help College and University students complete their work and help them begin their careers in film and television.

Chuck leaves behind a large and loving family and a legacy as the “Godfather” of the TV Movie and a creative producer and business executive responsible for hundreds of important and successful features and television programs. He has also been honored by many industry groups including the Producer’s Guild, the TV Academy, and others, but it is our personal connection to Chuck and his guidance in our work at the Caucus that stands out to all of us in the organization at this sad moment. We wish his family our most heartfelt condolences. His passing will leave an enormous void in the entertainment industry and in the Caucus and the Caucus Foundation.

His commitment to helping the next generation is evident in the mission statement of the Foundation and his family requests that any donations in his honor be made to the Caucus Foundation at

The March 4th Annual Awards Gala was a great success! We put on a show that made us proud with a lineup of honorees and presenters who were simply outstanding! And we exceeded our fundraising goals which will help the Foundation expand its efforts to support aspiring young filmmakers from all walks of life. Click below to take a look at the evening’s Program Book and enjoy this clip of Caucus Co-Founder Norman Lear opening the show!

AR to XR and Beyond


From AR to XR and Beyond!
A cutting-edge panel featuring the visionaries behind the rap-idly advancing technologies of AR/VR/XR. More info »



  • A View from Hollywood
  • Masters Interview: Frank Price
  • Media Students on the Future of Television
  • Members in Action

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The Caucus Foundation student 2020 Grant Awards are hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro on December 18 More news »

The Caucus Screening Room


  • Foundation Student Grant Awards
  • Making the Pitch
  • Producing and Directing in the COVID-19
  • Interview with Frank Price

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Chuck Fries


Meet Chuck Fries considered the “godfather” of the television movie, having produced and/or supervised over 225 hours of television movies and mini-series. More info »

Annenberg Foundation


The Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation receives $100,000 grant from the Annenberg Foundation. More info »

Chas. Floyd Johnson


Masters Interview with Chas. Floyd Johnson. More info »


Script Development Program
CFAN members submissions for TV and feature scripts
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