About The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors

The Caucus is leading the evolution of television by providing a creative forum for Producers, Writers and Directors to explore the issues of the ever-changing landscape of content and exhibition. The Caucus is proud of its rich history and esteemed membership of television innovators. For over 40 years The Caucus has provided an opportunity for the best and the brightest talent to network and voice the ‘creative conscience’ of the Television Industry. Today, we continue to stand for better and meaningful content across all platforms. As Producers, Writers and Directors we support a working environment that fosters, through our various programs, the best content that we can create for our audiences.

The Caucus Foundation is the non-profit work of The Caucus, dedicated to scholarship support, financial grants and mentoring of a diverse group of talented students, to help them build their futures in all forms of content creation. Established in 2000 The Foundation provides completion grants to student thesis productions from accredited universities and colleges. To date The Caucus Foundation Grant Program has given almost $2 million dollars in cash and in-kind awards. The Foundation receives support from The Annenberg Foundation, Angell Foundation, Panavision and illuminate Hollywood.

Current members of The Caucus also include: JJ Abrams, Kevin Bright, James Burrows, Suzanne de Passe, Vin Di Bona, Dennis Doty, Chuck Fries, Tom Hanks, Tanya Hart, Charles Floyd Johnson, Lee Miller, Bob Papazian, Norman Powell and other leading producers, writers and directors.

The Caucus