Caucus Journal Features Foundation President, Sharon Arnett

Caucus Journal

June 2019


Caucus Journal Features Foundation President, Sharon Arnett


I am honored and humbled to have been voted the President of The Caucus Foundation Board. My predecessors Dennis Doty, Lee Miller and Foundation Co-Founder and Executive VP, Chuck Fries have built a remarkable organization dedicated to the education and skill building of the next generation of storytellers and content creators. My mission, along with an outstanding Board, will be to continue a commitment to the education and the enrichment of a diverse group of future Producers, Writers and Directors.

In the last 18 years, The Caucus Foundation has given nearly $2 million in financial grants and awards to over 180 leading film students across the country to complete their student films. Through the generosity of the Annenberg Foundation, the Angell FoundationPanavisioniLLuminate and other donors, we have been able to continue this good work.

As June rolls around, it is that time of year to be thinking about vacations and long lazy walks on distant beaches. For The Caucus Foundation and The Caucus members, it’s time to get busy and screen the Second Round of 2019 student grant submissions from colleges and universities across the county.

As we did in January with Round One submissions, we will screen and select student rough cuts for financial grant support. Then, at The Caucus Annual Awards Dinner in November, we will present the year’s best-of-the-best of the completed 2019 student films with the Gold Circle Awards.

The Caucus and The Caucus Foundation is grateful to our members, for their time and expertise during the screening process. It is so rewarding for us to see the development of these student projects and know that we are there to support and guide the next generation of storytellers and content creators.


Sharon Arnett is Board President of The Caucus Foundation, a Vice Chair of The Caucus Executive Committee and sits on the Caucus Steering Committee. Arnett is a two-time Emmy awarded Production Executive, and is currently Vice President of Post Production for Vin Di Bona Productions & FishBowl Worldwide Media.