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Caucus Journal

April 2020

Tanya Hart, Bella Cosper

Members in Action


Caucus Vice Chair

Back in the good old days of February, 2020 BC (before Coronavirus ) we used to dress up and go to major events like the Academy Awards. Oh, those were great times, with lots of people, parties, movies and TV screenings. Just in case you have forgotten what life was like back then please check out this IG video to see some of the fashions that folks adorned themselves in for these special occasions.

As a broadcast TV Producer for many years the transition to digital formats with Instagram TV and Podcasting seems to be timely. Now more than ever, Podcasts have added value and important information needed for navigating our Pandemic plagued world. My recent interview with (M.D.) Dr. Ian Smith will give you some sensible ways to deal with Covid-19. Also, since we have more time to listen these days, the entire HOLLYWOOD LIVE EXTRA catalog is available for you to enjoy. One special Podcast is with our former Caucus Chair, Vin Di Bona, who just celebrated 30 years on ABC-TV with AFV (America’s Funniest Videos).

Finally, this horrible time in world history will pass. The good news is we have stockpiled enough entertainment on various platforms to keep us all enlightened, informed and entertained for a long time to come. Stay well.

My AURN @aurnonline Hollywood Live Extra #podcast interview with @DrIanSmith about #coronavirus #COVID19, what to do and not do, symptoms, and treatment.


ACCREDITATION: Tanya Hart, four-time Emmy Award and George Foster Peabody Award winning producer of television series and documentary films, TV Host, and Syndicated Radio Personality has recently joined the ACCESS ONE Radio Networks digital team along with continuing her daily show on American Urban Radio Networks. AURN and Hart’s company currently produces the podcast HOLLYWOOD LIVE EXTRA available on all digital formats. Hart’s company is also in pre-production for a feature film.

Caucus Associate Member

It’s been a busy start to 2020! I was in a 5-week intensive program with Russell Boast of CSA, produced by Apple, for blind and low vision actors. It was amazing to see all of us in one place! I’m also a writer for the CBS Pipeline, writing a short film for nonprofits. I’m in pre-development for my 1-woman show and seeking a lit agent to help pitch my pilots. I occasionally take breaks to eat and sleep.