Jamie Goldstein, Kevin Bloom

Caucus Spotlights New Members

The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors welcomes new members from among the elite creative talents in the entertainment industry. Here are the profiles for those who have joined us recently.

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Following the Caucus… the Future Is Virtual

A few decades ago a businessman sat with two swatches of Velcro in his hands. He pulled them apart and stuck them back together. "Fantastic!" He thought to himself as he considered his ninety-day option to purchase the company that made the sticky little fabric,

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A Moment in Time… Remembrance. Finally I Weep.

In 2002 I wrote "Remembrance." It was at the behest of Chuck Fries and Irv Wilson for their excellent chronicle of the death of a President, "We'll Never Be Young Again." My essay is one of more than three hundred accounts of the emotional impact

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