The Caucus Foundation Alumni (CFAN)

The Caucus Foundation Alumni Network

The Caucus Foundation Alumni (CFAN)

The CFAN is an exclusive group of award-winning filmmakers whose exceptional work was recognized by The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation.

The mission of CFAN is to support the success of its members in their film, television and multimedia careers by building relationships, furthering education and increasing opportunities.

CFAN Programs and Activities
  • Director Shadowing Program
  • Script Mentoring Program
  • Participation in The Caucus Events and Seminars
CFAN Grantees 2018

2018 The Caucus Foundation Grantees - CFAN Members

“The Caucus Foundation was the first organization to give us their financial support and that meant the world to us. Those funds gave us a huge emotional boost and also allowed us to move forward in post production. For that we are incredibly grateful and humbled and honored to receive this recognition and to have The Caucus Foundation’s support. Thank you.” – Ellie Foumbi, Columbia University

Ellie Foumbi

“I was deeply honored to receive The Caucus Foundation’s assistance. Because of their generosity, I was able to realize my vision wtih the standards of quality I had hoped for. I paid for film school with wtudent loans and supported myself without help from family, so it truly made all the difference in the world to have the support of the Foundation to finish my film. It also helped to strengthen my confidence in myself as an artist.” – Paul Mowry, Chapman University

“The Caucus Grant was a miracle for my film. I shot the movie in India but before it had been completed, I ran out of money. Luckily, I won a Caucus Foundation Grant, as it allowed me to finish my film at the quality I felt it deserved. JAYA is now lauching my career, and the Caucus Foundation has made this all possible. I cannot thank them enough for their generous support!” — Puja Maewal, UCLA

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