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The Caucus Journal, formerly in hard print, has now been an online publication since July 2010 and is a publication of The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors, issued two-three times a year.

Reprints of any of the articles may be obtained by request. All articles are for user information only, and may not be reprinted or reproduced in any way without written permission from The Caucus.

Caucus Journal June 2019
Older Editions: April 1983 to Winter 2010

Chairman’s Report – Winter 2010 by Dennis Doty
A Message From The President Of The Caucus Foundation by Chuck Fries
Puppylove By Eva Saks
Are Your Films A Legacy For Future Audiences? by Bob Fisher
Blogging With The Stars by Greg Strangis
Interview With The Interviewer by William Blinn
Entering Paradise by Dave Bell and Kitty Stallings
Cowboy by Norman S. Powell
Ready, Get Set, Go! by Brian Dyak
The Caucus Mission Statement
2009 Caucus Sponsored Events
The Caucus Foundation
2009 Caucus Foundation Student Grant Recipients
Membership List – Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors
The Caucus Foundation

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chairman’s Report – Winter 2009 by Dennis Doty
A Message From The President Of The Caucus Foundation by Chuck Fries
Before “American Idol” by Albert Fisher
Yes, We Scan by William Blinn
Dark Cloud Over Television Skies by Herman Rush
Are Comics And Graphic Novels The Way To Go? by Jeff Foster
Why Save Public Access? by Sally Hampton
The Not Very Lonely Life Of The Long-Distance Learner by Nancy Meyer
How are We Trending … ? From The Perspective Of The Fall 2008 Television In Preview Panel
New Caucus Member Sandy Gartin Speaks Out by Sandy Gartin
The Caucus Mission Statement
Membership List – Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors
The Caucus Foundation

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chair’s Report – Summer 2008 by Dennis Doty
A Message From The President Of The Caucus Foundation by Chuck Fries
Changing Times – What It Means To Me by James Darling
How I Became a New Media Star (Or The Secret History Of “Reekgeezers”) by Lorenzo Semple, Jr.
The Entrepreneurial Producer in a Bottom Up World by Stephen Pullin
The Day TV Died by Holly Harter
Reviving The Old Outdoor Antenna by David Metzler
RU LOL by William Blinn
Mentor/Mentee/Mentor by Albert Fisher
The Incredible Shrinking Upfronts of 2008 by Nancy Meyer
Declare Yourself – Never Let it Go by Norman Powell
Highlights Of The 2008 American Spirit Awards
The Caucus Mission Statement
Membership List – Caucus For Producers, Writers & Directors
The Caucus Foundation

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chairman’s Report, by Vin Di Bona
A Message from the President of the Caucus Foundation by Chuck Fries
The Independent Producer and the New World of Disorder, by Stephen Pullin
An Introduction to New Media – What’s It All About Anyway
The New Media Big Bang (Poster) If They Get Paid, We Get Paid Says The Writers Guild of America
Definitions: Common New Media Terms
New Media Destinations (Websites that are funa nd easy to go on
Industry Threats to the Independent Distributor: A Warning, by Herman Rush 
Who Needs a Distributor?, by David Metzler.
First Light, by William Blinn.
Social Networking Equals Direct Marketing in New Media, by Holly Harter.
Universities Go “New Media”, by Nancy Meyer and special contribution by Dean Teri Schwartz (LMU).
“The Whole TV Thing is so Yesterday”, by Ray Richmond, Hollywood Reporter.
Piracy: Protect Now or Perish Tomorrow – Caucus Panel

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chairman’s Report, by Vin Di Bona
Who Are We? (Caucus Quarterly, Vol. 1, Num. 1)
Beginnings, by Gene Eckstein & Harry Ackerman (April 1987)
Message from the Office of the Chairperson, by Chuck Fries
The Future of the Independent Producer, by Frank Von Zerneck (Winter 1996)
Standing Atop the Digital Divide (from the Hollywood Reporter, May 16, 2002), by Brooks Boliek (as published in The Caucus Journal – Fall 2002)
“A Star is Born” Reborn in TV Editing, by Frank Pierson
Statement of Marian Rees before the FCC en banc Hearing in Washington, DC, December 14, 1990
Outsource is Outsource, by William Blinn (Summer 2004)
One or Many? by Lorenzo Semple, Jr. (Winter 2004)
“…A Bold New Frontier… Where Television has Gone Before…” 2007 Panel on Broadband
Why We Matter, by Lionel Chetwynd (Summer 2005)
E-Mail: Bob Cinader, by James Komack (Winter 1994-1995)
The Caucus Mission Statement
Message from the President of the Caucus Foundation – 2007, by Chuck Fries

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chairman’s Report – Winter 2007, by Vin Di Bona
A Message from the President of the Caucus Foundation by Chuck Fries
Back to Basics: A Light in the South Church Window, by Holly Harter
The Downside of Digital, by David Metzler
“Piracy” and What Can Be Done About It!, by Vin Di Bona, Tammy Treglia, Dawn Friedman
The Relevance of Anti-Trust Law to Directors, Producers & Writers, by Parul Desai 
The Lost, Weakened, by Bill Blinn
Memories in the Sidewalk, by Norman S. Powell 
Testimony of Caucus Member Sally Hampton at FCC Public Hearing
Some Thoughts About Dealing With Rapid Change, by Bob Fisher.

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From the Editor, by Roger Gimbel
Chairman’s Report, by Vin Di Bona
A Message from the President of the Caucus Foundation by, Chuck Fries
The Digital Revolution: The Latest Developments, panel moderated by M. Kenneth Suddleson
Filmmaking Becomes a Regular Course in Public High Schools, by Mitch Aiken
Net Neutrality – The Caucus Takes A Stand, by Sally Hampton
New Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Understanding Cross Platforms, panel moderated by Brian Seth Hurst 
A Fine Mess at the FCC, by Joel Stein
The Horror, Oh, The Horror!, by Bill Blinn 
Have Women Directors Come A Long Way, Baby? by Victoria Sampson
The Art of Collaboration, by Bob Fisher 

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From the Editors, by Roger Gimbel and Fay Kanin 
Chairman’s Report, by Vin Di Bona
A Message from the President of the Caucus Foundation, by Chuck Fries
Learning About Digital (Questions & Answers) by Bob Finkel
Highlights: The Wireless Mobile Connection – It’s Impact on the Creative Community, panel moderated by Herman Rush
Byte Me, by Bill Blinn
The Death of Low Definition or Why I Hate Creating Programs for Traditional 4×3 Television, by Randall Dark
The Golden Years – Or Were They?, conversation between Allan BurnsJay SandrichRoger Gimbel & Fay Kanin
We Are Not The Enemy (The Truth About Producers), by Larry Turman
Credits & Awards: Does Television Need Another Award Show?, by Steve Binder
Cinematographers’ Perspectives on the Art of Visual Storytelling, by Bob Fisher

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From the Editors, by Roger Gimbel, Fay Kanin
Chairman’s Report, by Vin Di Bona
Why We Matter, by Lionel Chetwynd
The Caucus Hosts Two Important Industry Events
I’ve Been Lost But Now I’m Found, by Gene Reynolds
Could “Brand” Producers Make A Comeback, by Bill Blinn
Bringing Back The Censor, by Brian Dyak
Is The Internet In Trouble and Who Is To Blame? by Jon Rintels
Do Film Festivals Lead To Success? by Dean Yamada
New Technologies, by Herman Rush
Defining the Future of TV, by Bob Fisher

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Message from the Chair, by Vin Di Bona
Is The Caucus On The Right Track? by Peter Loge
The Wal-Martization Of The Television Biz by Marc Lorber
Outsource Is Outsource (Of Course, Of Course) by William Blinn
Censorship Revisited by Al Schneider
Can Media Artists Survive Media Consolidation? by Chellie Pingree, Leonard Hill
Remembering Robert E. Thompson by Chuck Fries
Homeland Security Secretary Ridge Speaks by Tom Ridge
Will Cinema Verite Work For Sitcoms? by Bob Fisher
“Winning Words”-Caucus Awards Ceremony by Vin Di Bona, Allan Burns, Jay Sandrich, Stan Lathan, Army Archerd, Lionel Chetwynd, Anne, Sweeny, Gerry Abrams, Jordan Levin

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Message from the Chair, by Chuck Fries
One Or Many? — That is the Question by Lorenzo Semple
Television: A Year In Review –
Top Programming Chiefs Ponder The Issues by Panel Discussion
Eulogy For Act Three by William Blinn
Prime Time TV. Is It Sliding Into The Sewer? by L. Brent Bozell III
Why Did I Join The Caucus? by Holly Harter, inspired by Liz Lang
Is There A Role For Censorship Today, Part II by Al Schneider
The Hollywood Reporter: Is It Necessary? by Robert Dowling
Another Way to Look at The Reagans by Bob Fisher
Caucus Mission Statement
21st Annual Caucus Awards Dinner And Ceremony

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Message from the Chair, by Chuck Fries
Caucus Throws A Birthday Party (After 28 years!) 
Can On Screen Credits Survive Network Cutting? by Met Stuart
Words Into Pictures
Directors Up In Arms About Companies Who Alter Films Without Permission-What’s Going On? by Gilbert Cates
Some Of What The Caucus Accomplished In 2002
Is There A Role For Censorship Today Part I by Al Schneider
Does “Digital” Have A Soul? by Bob Fisher
Caucus Mission Statement
The 20th Annual Caucus Awards Dinner & Ceremony
Member List

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From the Editors, by Roger Gimbel, Fay Kanin
Chairman’s Report by Chuck Fries
Words Into Pictures
All-Star Cast Headlines “Year-in-Review” Luncheon
Big Media’s Next Takeover Target: The Internet A Letter To The Caucus by Jeff Chester
Standing Atop The Digital Divide by Brooks Boliek
Exclusive Washington Report To The Caucus by Margaret Cone
Asking For Action: Two Letters To The FCC by Senators Hollings, Kohl, DeWine; and The Caucus
Watching The Germans Surrender As Witnessed by Ted Bergmann
Shame On The Los Angeles Times by Bob Fisher
Caucus Mission Statement
Membership List

Spring 1999

Message from the Chair, by Jerry Isenberg
Editor’s Statement, by William Blinn
No Laughing Matter, by Sam Denoff
An Exorcism for the Possessory Credit, by Paris Barclay
You Double-Ought to Be in Syndication, by Al Burton
How HBO is Preparing for HDTV, by Michael Zakula
How Sweet It Was – and How Simple, by Andrew J. Fenady
And the Winner Is…, by Chuck Fries
Mistakes Were Madeby Peter Tauber

Fall 1998

Message from the Chair, by Jerry Isenberg
Editor’s Statement, by William Blinn
A Time to Remember, by David Dortort
What’s up Doc?, by Robert Guenette
If I Ran the Network, by Don Bellasario, Lionel Chetwynd, Debbie Allen, Howard Rosenberg, Loreen Arbus
A House Dividedby Len Hill
It’s a Wonderful Screenplayby Albert Hackett
Making a Difference, by Sam Haskell, Jr.
The Best Angry Man, by Barney Rosenwieg
Getting Ready for Digital Television, by Michael Zakula
How Dumb Do You Think We Are?by Donn C. McInturff
The Animation Situation, by B. Paul Husband
Leonard Goldenson: The Man Who Brought Hollywood in from the Cold, by Roy Huggins

Spring 1998

Statement from the Chair, by Roger Gimbel
Turning the Tanker, by William Blinn
Brandon Tartikoff, by Arthur Axelman
Denzel Washington-Virtuosity, by Laurence A. Elder
Deconstructing the Hollywood 10, by Roy Huggins
Memo to the Creative Community, by Vicky Rideout & Ulla G. Foehr
How to Break into Television-The Truth at Last, by Jerry McNeeley
Thoughts about Phil, by Patricia Rust
Sir James, by David Levy
Are You Ready for DTV, by Michael Zakula

Fall 1996

Chair’s Remarks, by William Blinn
Greener Fields, by Luther Davis
The Truth About Mary Hartman’s Waxy Yellow Buildup, by Ann Marcus
An American in Paris…or Cologne…or Dublin…, by Phil Fehrle
An Assessment of the MPAA Classification System, by David Levy
A Cinematographer’s View of the Future of Television, by George Spiro Dibie, ASC

We Get Letters
Aims & Objectives
Caucus Membership

Summer 1996

Memo from the Chair, by William Blinn
Radicalize The Caucus, by Robert Guenette
David Sarnoff’s Vision Of Television – A Legacy, A Challenge, by Thomas W. Sarnoff
State Of The P.G.A.., by John Rappaport
Talent Doesn’t Care How Old You Are, by Harold Cohen
Television: The Looming Regulatory Crisis, by Lionel Chetwynd
Musings And Jottings, by David Levy
Report From A Roving Editorial Board Member, by Philip Barry
Let Us Remember Shelley List, by Marion Rees

We Get Letters
Aims & Objectives

Fall 1995

Commentary: The Sponsor’s Responsibility In Television Programming, by Margaret Clark
The View From Second Base, by William Blinn
Symposium ’95: An Overview, by Charles W. Fries
Caucus / Kodak Symposium: Opening Addresses
Small Screen, Big Problems: How Good Does Television Have To Be?
Keynote Address, by Howard Stringer
Television: Public Trust Or Public Enemy
500 Channels: Will There Be Anything To Watch?
In Memoriam: My Friend Danny, by Sam Denoff
Responsibility, by David Levy

In Gratitude
Aims and Objectives

Summer 1994

Spring 1994

Caucus To Go Public, by The Steering Committee
Message From The Office Of The Chairperson, by Charles W Fries
The Fugitive-A Hard Time Aborning, by Roy Huggins
The Question Of Violence On TV, by Bonny Dore
Let’s Combat Violence Before Congress Does, by Gene Reynolds
Profile-Lindy Dekoven, by Cynthia A. Cherbak
How Brightly Shines The Star’s Perquisite, by Stan Margulies
Good Production Values Plus, by Barney Rozenzweig
Countdown To The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, by Lee Miller
What The Caucus Has Meant To Me, by George Eckstein & John Mantley
Caucus Awards- 1993
Whither Television, by David Levy
The Culture Of Chaos, by Ervin Duggan
Cinematographers And Producers Have Historic Tie, by Victor Kemper

The “V” Chip
A Salute From The Caucus
Caucus Award Winners
Aims & Objectives

Summer 1993

Creative Rights And The Quality Of TelevisionThe Steering Committee
The Caucus Challenge, by David Levy
Action! A Director’s Journey To Success, by Linda Day
Notes From A Detroit High School, by Students Of Henry Ford High School
Minorities In Television, by Charles Floyd Johnson & Diana Kerew
Event Programming, by Ethel Winant
Ethel, by John Mantley
Network Partnerships: Who Benefits?, by Vin di Bona
Friendship Without Warmth Is…., by Barney Rosenzweig
Douglas Heyes, by D.L.

Old Boys Network – Cagney & Lacey
Three Short Stories: Women In Television
Crossing Swords — Joanna Lee
Assumptions — Terry Meurer
Invisibility — Carmen Culver

Whittles Channel One: What Is It?
In House Production
Inter-Active Cable Sound Bites
Aims And Objectives
From Eastman Kodak: Are You Ready To Ride The Digital Super-Highway?, by Fred Franzwa

August 1992

Whither Goest The PGA, by Leonard Stern
How Many Producers Make A Producer, by Roger Gimbel
Reflections On Producing The Academy Award Show, by Gilbert Cates

The Packaging Commission
A. Feeding Frenzy, by Kathryn Harris
B. Commentary, by Danny Arnold
C. Gorg & Mung, A Sequel, by Bill Haber
D. Fifteen Thousand Years Later, by Bill Haber

Put Education First, by Lynne Guber & Carole Isenberg
Anti Discrimination Proposal, by Preston Wood
Entertainment Television And The AIDS Epidemic, by Alan P. Sloan
Ageism: An Update, by Loreen Arbus

April 1991

Statements Before The Federal Communications Commission En Banc Hearing On December 14,1990 In Washington, D.C.
by Jerry Leider, Stephen J. Cannell, Leonard Hill, Marion Rees, Thomas Carter
A Tribute To Harry Ackerman

December 1990

Wartime In Washington, by Michael R. Gardner, Esq
Taste – You Either Have It Or You Don’t, by David Levy
Television’s Independents: Working On A Slippery Slope, by Neal Koch
Quarterly Retrospective: Have Gun, Will Travel, by Herb Meadow
The Importance Of Foreplay, by Sam Denoff
William S. Paley, 1901-1990
Caucus Awards

April 1990

The Business Of Entertainment In The 90’s, by Alan Horn
Quarterly Retrospective: Playhouse 90, by Martin Manulis
Too Much Reality?, by Alan P. Sloan
The Legacy Of Lucy, by Harry Ackerman
A Speech To The Caucus, by Sumner Redstone
The Continuing Saga Of Fisr, by Jack Valenti

October 1989

Who’s Responsible? (A Caucus White Paper)
Why Retain Fisr?, by Leonard Hill
Quarterly Retrospective: Gunsmoke, by John Mantley
The Much Abused “R” Word, by Robert Guenette
How Feature Films Came To Network Television, by David Levy
The Nets Vs. The Scribes, by Douglas Heyes
The Caucus Establishes A Speakers Bureau

February 1989

Let’s Start Over. This Isn’t Working., by Barney Rosenzweig
We Can Do More To Fight Drug Abuse, by Herman Rush
A Profusion Of Pundits, by Ira Skutch
What! No Standards And Practices?, by Saul Turtletaub
The First (?) Residual, by Samuel Sacks
Two Views On Language, by David Levy
Television That Solves Problems, by Matthew R. Zucker
Caucus Distinguished Service Award To John Mantley
Caucus Member Of The Year Award To Garry Marshall

July 1988

The Fowler Legacy, by David Levy
The Multi-Billion-Dollar Error, by Ted Bergmann
A Speech By FCC Commissioner James H. Quello
Follow-Up: ‘Ageism: A Sickness’, by Barry Oringer
Television-From Both Sides Of The Table, by Fred Silverman
The First Twenty Years Of An Archive, by Robert Lewine
From Magic Lanterns To Multiplexes, by Joseph Csida

February 1988

The Caucus: A History And An Examination, by David Levy

April 1987

Ageism-Two Views

Older Writers: Not In Script?, by Jack Mathews…..
Ageism: A Sickness, by Barry Oringer

How To Improve Television Without Really Writing (A Trip Into The Near Future Of Pitch Meetings), by Saul Turteltaub
How Well Does Television Handle Social Issues? (The Good News And The Bad), by Sister Elizabeth Thoman
Business As Usual (A Plea For A New Network Game Plan), by John Furia, Jr
Channeling Children’s Anger (A Diary Of A Stimulating Conference), by Marian Rees
The Caucus-Past And Future A Small Revolution, by James Komack
Caucus Minutes – July I5, 2000, by George Eckstein

April 1987

The IATSE Is Considering A Low-Budget Contract, by Mac St. Johns
The Business And Other Lively Arrangements, by Richard Levinson & William Link
Caucus 1986 Distinguished Service Award
Caucus 1986 Member Of The Year
The State Of The Award Shows, by Bob Finkel
Suppose The BBC Took Advertising Lessons From America, by Jay G. Blumler & Carolyn Martin Spicer
Caucus Ode, by George Eckstein
Let The “Creator” Beware, by Ted Raynor
Beginnings, by Harry Ackerman

September 1986

The Bottom Line, by Norman Lear
Cost Control: The Lack Of It, by Richard Irving
P.O.W.E.R., by Jerry Leider
Creating Magic, by Jack Valenti
Video Cassettes, by Norman Felton
Call Us Museum, by Dr. Robert Batscha
In Memoriam: Bud Austin, by Larry White
Letters To The Editor

March 1986

Chairman’s Remarks, by John Mantley
In Memoriam, by David Levy
What We Still Can’t Say On TV, by Lila Garrett
The Great Satellite Warsome Observations, by Chet Migden
The Consent Decree Update, by Samuel Sacks
Fifteen Thousand Years Later: A Look At Television Packagers, by Bill Haber
Member Of The Year Award
Distinguished Service Award
Safety On The Set: A View From The Captain’s Bridge, by Jackie Cooper
Guide To Responsible Sexual Content In Television, Films, And Music
The Center For Population Options
Pitching, by Sam Denoff
The Caucus: Who We Are, by David Levy

October 1985

In-House Production, by Len Hill
Press Under Fire: Jefferson Revisited, by James Quello
Out Among Them, by Al Burton
The New Tax Law: What Impact Will The Potential Loss Of Investment Tax Credit Have On License Fee Negotiations?, by Peter J. Dekom
And Then There Were Twenty – Or Where Did All The Indians Come From At Network Pitch Meetings?, by Allan Mannings
Electronic Post Production: Shoot On Film/Edit On Tape, by Mike Clark
Guidance On Selecting A Business Manager, by Karl S. Reinecker

June 1985

Can We Talk?, by George Eckstein
Is Anybody Out There Watching Or Caring?, by Warren V. Bush
The Fallacy Of The Negotiator, by Barry Oringer
Is Childhood The Last Taboo?, by Marian Rees
Caucus Distinguished Service Awards Movies On The Move, by Bill Finnegan
Game Shows – Then And Now, by Mark Goodson
Screen Actors Guild And Affirmative Action: Still Waiting For Results, by Rodney Mitchell

January 1985

Quality, by Norman Felton
Television And Politics, by Pat Weaver
The Doc Is Not Dead, by Robert Guenette
Advertising Is Like Selling Rum To Indians, by Morrie Gelman
Striving For Mediocrity, by Tom Shales
Copyright – A Survival Issue, by Jack L. Copeland
A Simple Idea, by Larry Stewart
Caucus Member Of The Year Awards
Letter Of The Quarter, by David Levy
It’s Our Money, by Samuel Sacks

Fall 1984

Memo To Our Readers
Letters To The Editor
Mr. Fowler’s FCC, by David Levy
The AFI Turns To Television, by Jean Firstenberg
The Family On Television, by Robert Alley, Irby B. Brown
Seeds Of Destruction In Television?… by John Mantley
Caucus Aims And Objectives

January 1984

Thoughts After “The Day After”
Television And Washington’s Birthday
The True Violence
The Deregulation Scam-An Update
Ageism: You Are Next
The Need To Do Better
Caucus Aims And Objectives

September 1983

In This Issue
The Producer Loses Control
How HBO Climbed In The Window
Father William (1983)
The Pure Producer
In Whose Interest?
TV Theater Of The Absurd
Caucus Aims And Objectives

April 1983

Who Are We?
Invisible America
Network Power And The Deregulation Scam
Murder By Alcohol
Coming In The Caucus Quarterly