Foundation – Mentoring

The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors has established a mentoring program for winners of the Caucus Grant Recipient Mentor Program, which was established by The Caucus to promote diversity in the entertainment industry. The Caucus for Television Producers, Writers & Directors is the principal multi-guild professional organization representing television producers, writers and directors in creative rights issues. It is a strong proponent of quality television.

Closely related to the Grant Recipient Mentor Program is the newly established New Filmmaker Mentor Program headed by Caucus Foundation Board member David Weddle and assisted by Caucus member Lori Delerins. Reaching out to local universities, Caucus members provide mentoring services to other film students from USC, UCLA & Chapman. We are looking to expand on this service in the near future.

The Caucus Foundation provides grants to promising film students who need funds to complete their thesis films. In 2014 we celebrated our 14th Anniversary…in that time we will have awarded 138 grants and have given 1.3 million dollars in completion funds, internships and in-kind grants to our Gold Circle winners representing the two outstanding films each year.

Caucus Foundation mentors work closely with grant recipients on their projects, lending their expertise and knowledge to help students complete their projects, locate venues in which to show their work and open doors within the industry.

The Foundation’s criteria stipulates that the awardees be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, graduate or fellowship degree program and working to complete a film, TV, or interactive project for their degree. Additionally, the applicants must submit a final script, final budget, rough cut, financing plan, shooting/post schedule, crew list and student status.

Mentoring may include but is not limited to:

• Regular telecom contact
• Reviewing script and production plans
• Reviewing budgets and finance
• Consultation on the editing, sound and music functions
• Recommendations on marketing, film, festivals and agent/producer
• General support in all areas of the entertainment industry re future
education and/or employment.