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Your support of The Caucus Foundation will provide financial grants to students in need to complete their college thesis films. The Foundation strives for diversity in front of and behind the camera and is dedicated to the education and skill building of the next generation of storytellers and content creators.

“The Caucus Foundation was the first organization to give us their financial support and that meant the world to us. Those funds gave us a huge emotional boost and also allowed us to move forward in post production. For that we are incredibly grateful and humbled and honored to receive this recognition and to have The Caucus Foundation’s support. Thank you.” Ellie Foumbi, Columbia University

“I was deeply honored to receive The Caucus Foundation’s assistance. Because of their generosity, I was able to realize my vision with the standards of quality I had hoped for. I paid for film school with student loans and supported myself without help from family, so it truly made all the difference in the world to have the support of the Foundation to finish my film. It also helped to strengthen my confidence in myself as an artist.” Paul Mowry, Chapman University

“The Caucus Grant was a miracle for my film. I shot the movie in India but before it had been completed, I ran out of money. Luckily, I won a Caucus Foundation Grant, as it allowed me to finish my film at the quality I felt it deserved. JAYA is now launching my career, and the Caucus Foundation has made this all possible. I cannot thank them enough for their generous support!” Puja Maewal, UCLA


The purpose of this program is to allow donors to create a Named Fund, a cash reserve controlled and managed by the Foundation and from which annual grants will be made in the donor’s name to assist students from underrepresented groups make the transition to professional employment in the entertainment industry. The Named Fund will provide an ongoing mechanism by which donors can direct contributions to this successful and growing Foundation program. Most importantly, Named Funds provide a multi-year legacy in the donor’s name for future generations of creative students who need this support.A Named Fund can be established in any amount that will yield at least $5,000 in awards to the students each year for at least five years. A typical Named Fund of $50,000, for example, will provide at least $10,000 in awards to students over the five-year life of the Fund. The Named Fund will award a grant or grants to students totaling no less than 10% of the Fund’s principal, as determined on December 31st of the year before the grant awards are made.

The Fund and the grants awarded each year from that Fund will be named in accordance with the Donor’s request. Selection of the awardees will be at the sole discretion of the Foundation’s Board. At the request of the Donor, an appropriate public acknowledgment and/or screen credit will be provided. In addition to this public acknowledgement of her or his gift, the Donor may be entitled to benefits related to the Foundation’s annual events. These benefits will be determined by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and any such benefits will be offered to the Donor as part of the process of establishing a Named Fund.

Named Funds will be combined with other funds and invested conservatively in a combination of government securities, corporate bonds or other interest bearing securities with no less than an “A” rating from Moody’s. No more than 30% of the Fund will be invested in listed stocks, and these stocks will have a minimum 10-year record of positive earnings and dividend payments. The fund will be overseen by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. All interest and dividends accrued by the Fund’s investments will be used to defray expenses associated with this student grant award program.

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Creating opportunities for a diverse group of student filmmakers and content creators, our future producers, writers and directors.

“The Caucus Foundation Grant has meant the last financial push to help a young emerging filmmaker like myself to put the professional finishing touches on my student film. As I look at the list of alumni who have received the Caucus Grant in the past, I am filled with confidence knowing that a long standing institution like The Caucus believes in my work and I am now ready to tackle my next challenge.” – Johnny Ma, Columbia University

“I had so many fears about shooting my thesis film in the Brazilian Amazon. But when I received the Caucus Grant, it was not only a financial support, but a motivational support as well. The Caucus Foundation believed in the story and believed in me, and with their help, I completed my goal.” – Annie Pace, U.C.L.A.