Caucus Journal

June 2019

hart papazian leoni

Caucus Journal Features Co-Chairs Tanya Hart & Bob Papazian and Executive Director, Deborah Leoni

2019 marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of The Caucus and another busy year. Since the January edition of The Journal, we have hosted our 13th Annual American Spirit Awards and held two dynamic panels. Go to our Facebook page at to see... read more


Caucus Journal Features Foundation President, Sharon Arnett

I am honored and humbled to have been voted the President of The Caucus Foundation Board. My predecessors Dennis Doty, Lee Miller and Foundation Co-Founder and Executive VP, Chuck Fries have built a remarkable organization dedicated to the education and skill building of the next... read more

papazian hirsch

Caucus Journal Features Caucus Member (Or in This Case Two): Partnership – Episode Four

1997 was the year that would change everything. The landscape for independent companies like Papazian-Hirsch had changed dramatically, with the elimination of the "Fin-Syn Rules". Even as they were Co-Exec Producing the series Nash Bridges for CBS, they put everything they had on the line... read more


A View from Hollywood… the Monkey Rope What Moby Dick and the Caucus Have in Common

Like almost everyone else, I was required in school to read and digest that gargantuan, greatest of all time, icon of American literature known as Moby Dick. read more


Following the Caucus: 13th Annual American Spirit Awards

An Emmy Award winning star, a renowned scientist who looks to the stars, a film professor who's creating new stars. These were among the honorees for the 13th Annual Caucus American Spirit Awards luncheon held May 29th at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles. read more

Caucus Journal Redux: Never Let It Go. Norman Lear Reminds Us of Our Unalienable Rights.

"When I first looked at the Declaration of Independence, my eyes welled up. I thought, this is our nation's birth certificate, the people's document, and it should visit Americans, rather than sit somewhere on a wall, waiting for Americans to come to it, as a... read more

Following the Caucus… the Future Is Virtual

A few decades ago a businessman sat with two swatches of Velcro in his hands. He pulled them apart and stuck them back together. "Fantastic!" He thought to himself as he considered his ninety-day option to purchase the company that made the sticky little fabric,... read more


A Moment in Time… Remembrance. Finally I Weep.

In 2002 I wrote "Remembrance." It was at the behest of Chuck Fries and Irv Wilson for their excellent chronicle of the death of a President, "We'll Never Be Young Again." My essay is one of more than three hundred accounts of the emotional impact... read more


Caucus Spotlights New Members

The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors welcomes new members from among the elite creative talents in the entertainment industry. Here are the profiles for those who have joined us in the winter and spring of this year. read more


Caucus Spotlights New Associate Members

The Caucus welcomes our new Associate Members, promising new writers, directors and producers all! read more